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If you believe there needs to be major change to restore democracy at City Hall, come join us! We are a completely citizen-powered grassroots campaign with no money from real estate or special interests. We are a real voice for ordinary people — who are too often voiceless.

Qualifying for matching funds will give us an 8 to 1 match. So your $10 donation becomes $90. Your $25 donation becomes $225. Your $100 becomes $900. And your $175 becomes $1,575, so every donation matters! Thank you!

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As the daughter of Jordanian and Filipino immigrants, my focus has always been advocating for the less fortunate. I’m a community activist fighting to save tenants’ homes, a small business owner advocating to save our stores, a former lawyer adept at calling out corruption, and a professional figure skating coach brightening the future of our children.

Most of all, I’m a New Yorker committed to restoring democracy at City Hall. As a part of a new generation of activists getting involved with electoral politics, I am not afraid to hold machine lawmakers accountable for do-nothing policies that work against the communities they represent. My advocacy has inspired tenants to organize, independent contractors to form collectives, and ordinary people to get politically-engaged. So if you are ready for change, eager for a new paradigm of genuine community-driven policies, come join our people-powered campaign that intends to improve the lives of New Yorkers and make a significant difference in our home of District 3.

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You can make a secure donation to my campaign through the New York City Campaign Finance Board Web site.


We are searching for volunteers to speak with voters and to help us use technology to form a winning campaign. 


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