Why is the SBJSA an important piece of legislation the City Council and the Mayor should pass? Because it would SLOW DOWN the hyper-gentrification going on in NYC that displaces local businesses and residents. In addition, it would level the playing field of stores, so a mom and pop florist –a business that actually creates jobs for the community — could actually compete with a CVS Pharmacy. This in turn would help the economy of the district, supporting jobs and fulfilling the function of providing local services to residents.
In addition to the fact that the SBJSA is a solid piece of constitutional legislation, maybe we can even go further. Here is what I’m thinking about: (1) instituting a ‘marshall law’ of stopping evictions of all stores (2) ease burdensome property taxes on commercial tenants (3) support for navigating the red tape of city agency bureaucracy (4) penalize landlords for vacant storefronts (5) support local merchant organizations as well as (6) support minority and women-owned businesses…
Feel free to comment if you have any other suggestions, thx, Marni

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