FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! Join NYC City Council Candidates and Fight REBNY, the Real Estate Board of New York!

FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! Double-fisted means I MEAN BUSINESS: Fight REBNY, the real estate board of New York! I’m joining a good portion of City Council candidates who are fighting against the rampant gentrification bulldozing the local character and color of our neighborhoods! Join us as we fight REBNY who seem to think NYC’s a free for all without considering the needs of their communities. Yes there is some part of gentrification that is normal, but not at the pace it is now — start talking about the SBJSA, Small Business Jobs Survival Act, which would give small business owners more rights to stay in their storefronts! Join us in our campaign to #SaveNYC #TakeBackNYC!

See which Council members/candidates are involved here:

And go to my Marni for City Council Facebook Page for more information on how you can get involved!

And a huge thank you to the South Carolina realtor tourist who took the photo even though my mission goes against his values — (this is where folks a nice smile can go a long way!)

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