I’M ON THE BALLOT !!! VOTE FOR MARNI IN THE GENERAL ELECTION, November 7th, 2017 — the anti-gentrification candidate! See below, where I MADE MY DEADLINE AND TURNED IN MY SIGNATURES at the Board of Elections! So incredibly happy, Team Marni prevailed and got the requisite amount of signatures for City Council! A huge thank you to my community, District 3 for signing my petition, having faith that I will represent their interests. Another huge thx to Carl Lundgren — my treasurer for cleaning and binding my signatures as well as educating me on the process. Also thanks to John Reynolds for his incredible consultancy services. And a ‘what would I do without you’ thanks to all the Green Party folks who helped me petition day in and day out on the streets: Paul Gilman, Frank Sha Francois, Adrian Mc Farlane, Chris Archer, Julia Willebrand, Bonnie Keyes, Tom Siracuse, Daniel Vila, John Dennie, Manny Manhattan and Amy Engeler. Another shout out to the Chelsea Piers figure skating coaches and community for signing. And more appreciation to my husband Peter and Red Eye Coffee, Skylight Diner, Rudy’s Bar as well as Cora and the great folks at the Elliott Houses, Penn South, Manhattan Plaza, Greenwich Street, Abington Square and the meat packing district — and everyone who stopped and took their time to explain what they would like to see done better in their community…thank you!!! ORDINARY FOLKS CAN DO THIS, if you have questions how, message me on facebook !
And for more, check out my Marni for City Council facebook page!


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