VOTERS LOVE AN INDEPENDENT MIND! Thank you Boris Enquist, a famous Trumpteer, and Moira North, Artistic Director of Ice Theatre of New York, (a company I have skated with for years) for supporting my candidacy of helping small businesses stay in their store fronts, to keep goods and services as well as jobs in the community, as well as inspiring ordinary people and women to run for political office.

We need independently-minded people who can make decisions irrespective of any kind of gain, to be beholden to only the voters. I used to think one needed all kinds of political experience and prior relationships to do a good job in public service. But now, after being a student of local politics, and seeing how things work – it’s better to be a complete outsider and to bring a fresh perspective to public office. Interestingly enough, teaching 25 years of figure skating is the perfect steppingstone!


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