Marching with Actors Equity in the NYC Labor Day Parade! Support workers, unions and legislation like the SBJSA that protects small businesses!

21430415_1092522050880965_4143811260543237826_n.jpg21462543_1092522044214299_8235326853858878529_n.jpg21557540_1092522047547632_7564151069798247039_n.jpgMarni with Actors Equity marching in the NYC Labor Day Parade ! Let’s support unions folks and give workers a voice in their workplace and control of their own destinies ! Was so amazing to see Nancy Slusser and my skating student Frankie there! Nancy is an amazingly talented Hells Kitchen singer and actress and her daughter Frankie is a small but fierce figure skater — as well as cutest thing this side of the Mississippi! And let’s support the Small Business Jobs Survival Act, which is legislation sitting right now in City Council that they could pass tomorrow, and give the right to renew two small business owners so the landlords could not jack up the rent quadruple times and displacement.

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