MEET THE FOLKS WHO INTEND TO KEEP SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS IN THEIR STOREFRONTS! Fantastic forum and screening of “The Lost Village” about the epidemic of small businesses closing in The Village. The film, shown yesterday at the Judson Memorial Church at NYU, is also about legislation, the Small Business Jobs Survival Act, that is sitting in City Council ready to go, but politicians never bring it to a public hearing. They are fearful of it being passed since it is at odds with the real estate industry — which funds their campaigns. We need to push this legislation and several of us candidates: David Eisenbach, Sal Albanese, Paul Gillman, Scott Hutchins and myself are doing exactly that! Bravo!

(from R to L: Roger Paradiso, Tony Gronowicz, Marni Halasa, Sharon Woolums, Steve Null, Jim Drougas, David Eisenbach)



Here’s the film’s description:

“The Lost Village” is a new film screening for the first time on Tuesday, April 4th at The New York City International Film Festival. The film’s focus is a topic near and dear to those who live in and visit (and also write about) Greenwich Village and New York City at large:

Once a haven for the proverbial starving artist who brought creativity as their currency, the Village is now a hang out for cover bands and Wall Street hipsters hopelessly aspiring to recreate something that is lost. We encounter testimony of NYU students turning to prostitution to pay NYU’s very high tuition. Some want NYU to be an educational institution rather than a Landlord.

We find “Mom and Pop Shops” in trouble. Their closures have changed the culture and character of our Village. High rents and no regulations cause over 1,000 small businesses to leave New York City every month.

Can the Village be saved? Or is Greenwich Village lost forever?

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