THE LEGACY OF OCCUPY WALL STREET IN THE AGE OF TRUMP: Marni for City Council organizes the press conference

21761359_1098740680259102_5031112061330214076_n.jpgRead what Downtown Express writes about the social movement that exposed income inequality as an American crisis — something that is still happening in NYC, and esp with small businesses being forced to leave their storefronts. Yours truly — a Candidate for City Council, District 3 — organized a press conference of OWS activists from the Alternative Banking, Picture the Homeless, Stop Mass Incarceration and RIP Medical Debt on Occupy’s 6th Anniversary to discuss the influence of OWS in the work we do today.

Thank you to Mark Apollo who organized rally, all the activists who came to event, all the speakers, everyone from the Alternative Banking Group, Stop Mass Incarceration, Picture the Homeless, Occupy Sandy, RIP Medical Debt, Katrina Corbell for her ubiquitous support, my fabulous performance art friends who came to entertain the crowd, Elliot Crown, Roland Marconi and Liah Alonso, Mark from Occupy Money Cooperative, Michael, Linda, Virginia, Eric, Barbara, Sati… and everyone else!

PS: Man in Liberty Skull in main photo: Elliot Crown

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