Our Election Night Statement

[2017 Campaign Archive Post]

Earlier tonight, The New York Times announced that my opponent, Corey Johnson, has won today’s election for Council District 3. As a first time candidate for public office, I am proud of the campaign that I ran. With little name recognition and no money, and no television time, 1,487 voters showed their support for me today. I am very grateful for their trust.

Activists and election-watchers have called me tonight to congratulate me on my campaign. Everyone I know is excited about the work we are all doing for reform and accountability.

This has been an amazing experience. I have used this time to build up an infrastructure for myself and for other average citizens to run for public office, using a grassroots, ground game and technology to reach voters. Most regular people never enter into politics because it so expensive and challenging, I would like to change that. Money and a machine shouldn’t dictate whether you run for office. If you have a vision and want to improve the lives of others, this opportunity should be yours, like it has been mine.

My campaign gave me the opportunity to advocate for large segments of my community – from small business owners to single families headed by women to public housing residents – whose needs and priorities have been neglected and overlooked. I look forward to fighting for them and to continue to fight for reform and accountability in New York City Government.

I got into this race to make New York City more affordable and more just, and I remain committed to these goals. This experience changed me, because I got to see how local politics really works and how it affects the quality of our lives. Local public policy needs to address issues that voters expressed to me : the hyper-gentrification of New York; the general unaffordability of rent, goods, and services; the lack of quality jobs, and failure of leadership.

Earlier today, my campaign reached out to Corey Johnson’s staff, so we could exchange our telephone numbers. We gave my opponent’s staff my number, but my opponent’s staff would not give me his number. Unable to speak to him, I congratulate him on his win with this post.

A huge thanks to EVERYONE who has supported me, including the Green Party, Carl Lundgren, John Reynolds, Julia Wilibrand, Tom Siracuse, Chris Archer, Akeem Browder, Paul Gilman, Scott Hutchins, Michael Friedman of Brandon Strategic Communications, Open Wave Digital, the Alternative Banking Group, Occupy folks, Ray Rogers and his Stop REBNY Bullies campaign, the Pride DEMS, McManus folks, the Small Business Congress of New York, Sal Albanese, David Eisenbach, Sharon Woolums, Italo Medelius, Elliot Crown & Company, the Figure Skaters at Sky Rink, Cora and Lisa of the Elliot Houses, all the wonderful local weeklies, my family, friends and, of course, the VOTERS OF DISTRICT 3!

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