NYCHA WOMEN WARRIORS taking on Covid19!

100783855_1881361795330316_4500382147109978112_nNYCHA Women Warriors Taking on Covid19! A huge THANK YOU to La Keesha and Saundrea from Holmes-Isaacs Coalition — heavy hitting NYCHA women warrior activists that have been so helpful to me throughout my advocacy for public housing. It’s really been an honor.

 La Keesha also has given me masks for residents in my district and we are so grateful ! At Fulton Houses in Chelsea, tenants have complained to me that they only receive two mask per household, when many need more than two for other family members living in the apartments.The masks La Keesha has given me have definitely fulfilled a need.  Kudos to their great work today at the Stanley Isaacs Community Center — it was a wonderful energy to be around and those uptown tenants were thrilled.

Often it’s those little things in life that truly matter — in this case, where a group of concerned citizens get together and organize to take care of others. It’s amazing how such a giving act of kindness can transform a development. Bravo HIC !
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