#DEMANDJUSTICE for GEORGE FLOYD: Protest in #NYC. #defundthenypd #newparadigmofpolicing #georgefloyd #justiceforgeorgefloyd

DEMAND JUSTICE and A NEW PARADIGM OF POLICING! At a peaceful protest at Union Square in NYC, thousands of New Yorkers demanded justice for George Floyd — which led into other demands against austerity cuts for people of color as well as all races of the 99%. No budget cuts to education, youth programs, medicaid, public housing, social services — while the funding for NYPD never takes a hit. Why doesn’t Governor Cuomo EVER tax the wealthy or corporations, even though legislative proposals are ready to go in the state legislature? These are intentional racist decisions that do not allow POC to rise in society.

If nothing ever changes, why should we go along with the same process and system that leads us to business as usual — where Americans die because of the color of their skin? Respectfully and peacefully, we are not.
#georgefloyd #georgefloydprotest #georgefloydprotestsnyc #blacklivesmatter #blm #defundthenypd #taxtherich #thepeoplesbudget #policebrutality #racistpolice #mlk

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