#BlackLivesMatter Protests Hit Day 10 in NYC — What’s Been Accomplished? Short Interview with PIX11:

CHANGE IS UPON US: This is what I said to PIX11, see below at link at 1:29.

BlackLivesMatter Protests Hit Day 10 in NYC — What’s Been Accomplished?

Yesterday, 20,000 in the streets of New York City o support George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and all the other black lives lost to police brutality. PIX11 interviewed me after seeing my hot pink sign from the days of Occupy Wall Street Days 9 years ago: “Another World is Possible” and “Be The Architect of Social Change.”

What did I say to PIX11? That this movement against racist police brutality also needs to push for economic justice in regards to healthcare, housing, education and services –and that means protesting the recent austerity cuts by Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio. It also means protesting other elected officials in the City Council that don’t do more enough for people of color, but bend over backwards to give tax breaks to the wealthy, and take real estate and special interest money in order to get elected. But the public is aware, and it’s #notgoingtoflyanymore.

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