Marni Invited to Speak at #CancelRent Protest at City Hall outside to NYC Housing Court #NoEvictions #KeepHousingCourtClosed #FightFalseMyths

Thrilled to be invited to speak at the #CancelRent protest at NYC Housing Court, and a huge thank you to Lena Melendez of Northern Manhattan Is Not For Sale for inviting me. At this rally, protesters demand housing courts remained closed, to cancel rent and to say no to evictions. With millions unemployed, regular people through no fault of their own during a pandemic, are unable to pay rent. Why doesn’t Gov Cuomo care about renters, who the majority in NYC? I spoke about my own problems with paying rents due to losing my job in the pandemic, as well as my experiences as a community activist organizing public housing residents in Chelsea — fighting RAD, a privatization scheme to evict vulnerable POC.

“The average person has a very hard time wrapping their heads around sinister motivations by elected officials,” I explained to the crowd at the protest. “It comes in the form of meetings, smiles and a narrative of altruism, but it is meant to displace you so private developers can have your home. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes — which makes speaking out against false narratives even more important.”

Also got more coverage for the protest when Australian News Storyful asked if they could use my footage!

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