Voter Disenfranchisement in Chelsea? #WBAI interviews Marni and Chelsea Voter about voter’s 10-hour ordeal after simply asking for a complete ballot

Voter Disenfranchisement going on in Chelsea? Listen to WBAI evening news with reporter Paul DiRienzo, who interviews Vera, a senior and public housing resident in NYCHA, and myself, about her experience at the polls. I accompanied Vera, a friend, since she was having a difficult time voting this week in the Democratic Primary June 23rd.

It took Vera 10 hours and 3 visits to PS33 in Chelsea, accompanied by 3 friends, to vote. She was given an incomplete ballot, with a page missing which included the races for the congressional primary of Jerry Nadler vs Lindsey Boylan, and Brad Hoylman vs Elizabeth Glass. But when she pressed the poll workers why her ballot was incomplete, they told her that it WAS a complete ballot. She then left and came back and poll workers still gave her a difficult time to vote, until the poll supervisor got involved at 3pm. At 3pm, he then called the Board of Elections (very late in the day) even though he acknowledged to the NYCBOE person on the phone that missing ballots had been happening the entire day. (If missing ballots were happening earlier that morning, then why not rectify that immediately?)

Listen to this comedy of errors on #WBAI evening news, which begins at 22:45. Apparently, so many problems occurred the entire election day that it begs the question if this isn’t being done by design so incumbents stay in power. See below for the missing ballot page — a page that Vera had to wait 10 hours to get in order to vote. #votersuppression #voterdisenfranchisement #nycvotes #nycboe #missingballots #demprimary

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