I MET MY THRESHOLD OF $5K ! And have raised up to $8K, thanks to Neighbors, New Yorkers, Small Business Owners, Friends and Family who want to see a true progressive candidate make a difference in District 3 !

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has donated! So appreciate everyone’s generosity, support and advice on how I can make a difference for you.

I made my first threshold of raising $5000, but there is more to do: like getting more donors in the district to donate $10 to this people powered campaign.

If you believe that REAL CHANGE need to get to City Hall, people who have a record of advocating for small businesses, for the jobs businesses create, rent-burdened and public housing tenants as well as independent contractors— pls donate to my people-powered campaign! And if you live in the district, DM me on what issues are important to YOU!


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  1. Marni: Reclaim District 3 from the rip-offs!

    Peace In and Out,

    AnDre M. Christie, S.V.A. General Manager STONEWALL Veterans’ Association 212-627-1969 (24/7 – not holidays) https://www.StonewallVets.org/AnDreChristie.htm

    The S.V.A. meets the last Saturday of every month (unless an American national holiday) at the historic St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Greenwich Village at 83 Christopher Street from 3:15 to 5 p.m.

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