My Grassroots Campaign

Marni Halasa, a tenant activist, community advocate, woman small business owner, lawyer and professional figure skating coach, is running for City Council in 2021 in District 3 as a true progressive Democrat. Part of a new generation of activists getting involved with electoral politics, she is not afraid to call out machine lawmakers for do-nothing policies that work against the communities they represent. Her advocacy has inspired tenants to organize, independent contractors to form collectives, and ordinary people to get politically-engaged. Marni’s issues include:

Championing Tenants Rights

Fighting to Save Small Businesses & Jobs 

Rallying for Independent Contractors Rights  

Refuses Real Estate and Special Interest Money

MARNI’s STORY: The daughter of Jordanian and Phillipino immigrants, Marni has always been an advocate for those less fortunate. An activist fighting to save tenants homes. A small business owner advocating to save our stores and unique character of our neighborhoods. A New Yorker committed to restoring democracy at City Hall.

Woman Small Business Owner

Marni and her husband Peter Cecere were small business owners of Red Eye Coffee, which closed due to unaffordable rents, allowed by having no rights to negotiate fair lease terms. Marni, has been fighting for the passage of the Jobs Survival Act, which gives giving all commercial tenants a right to a long term lease renewal, the right to equally negotiate fair lease terms and the right to an arbitration process if a mutual agreement could not be reached. She also is fighting to stop the landlords from passing along their property taxes to their tenants. 

A True Activist Running for Office

Since Occupy Wall Street, Marni has been a known figure in the venue of political protest in New York City. Using those skills, she has protested at City Council Speaker Corey Johnson’s district office, calling him out for refusing to pass a real solution to solve the crisis of small business closings. In addition, she continues to make her voice heard on the street in the protests against racism and police brutality. Moreover, she is an avid proponent of election integrity, helping to ensure that residents in her district have access to democratic participation.


If you believe there needs to be major change to restore democracy at City Hall, come join us! We are a completely citizen-powered grassroots campaign with no money from real estate or special interests. As a real voice for ordinary people — who are often the voiceless — we are looking to raise at least $10 to $250 from 75 people in the District 3 for Matching Funds, which would give us an 8 to 1 match!

Marni, a smart businesswoman, also intends to reform inefficient agencies and cut fraud and waste while rebuilding revenue generators like our small businesses.  Its time taxpayers get a break and get rid of corrupt political machine and special interests. Join Marni to fight to lower taxes!

Qualifying for matching funds will give us an 8 to 1 match. So your $10 donation becomes $90. Your $25 donation becomes $225. Your $100 becomes $900. And your $175 becomes $1,575, so every donation matters! Thank you!

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