I MET MY THRESHOLD OF $5K ! And have raised up to $8K, thanks to Neighbors, New Yorkers, Small Business Owners, Friends and Family who want to see a true progressive candidate make a difference in District 3 !

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has donated! So appreciate everyone’s generosity, support and advice on how I can make a difference for you.

I made my first threshold of raising $5000, but there is more to do: like getting more donors in the district to donate $10 to this people powered campaign.

If you believe that REAL CHANGE need to get to City Hall, people who have a record of advocating for small businesses, for the jobs businesses create, rent-burdened and public housing tenants as well as independent contractors— pls donate to my people-powered campaign! And if you live in the district, DM me on what issues are important to YOU!


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Occupy City Hall — A grassroots primer in how activists, protesters and concerned citizens started the important conversation of what NYC spends its money on and its political priorities #OccupyCityHall #DefundTheNYPD #ReAllocatePoliceResourcesToPOC

Unfortunately, the $1 Billion that NYC City Council pulled from the annual budget was really only budgetary tricks — pulling money from the $6 Million NYPD budget into the Department of Education for school safety officers — which completely misses the point of decreasing police in areas where it is not appropriate. Also unsettling is the fact that arts education was cut by $19 Million but still the police budget still has $12 Million in “special expenses” that is not transparent in the budget. So yes, this work continues i holding these elected officials accountable.

But to set the record straight. “Defunding the NYPD” is not abolishing the police — it is transforming the police into an agency where public safety can be its number one priority. Officers who are not trained and ill-equipt to handle non-police oriented situations, such as answering calls for mental health patients, homelessness, etc., should not be handling those situations. And this makes perfect sense. When I speak to people in my district, not one person argues that these kinds of changes aren’t reasonable, necessary and actually less burdensome on the NYPD.

One of the most crucial arguments that I heard about reallocating police resources towards communities of color is the clear and unarguable fact that the police are so well-funded. When you compare the NYPD funding — which is the world’s 7th largest army — and compare that to our doctors and nurse wearing garbage bags and no PPE for protection, it is a GLARING lack of priorities and political will on the part of our elected officials like Mayor DeBlasio and Speaker Corey Johnson.

What is the answer? Entirely new leadership with the right priorities. That is the answer. So what does that mean? #VoteThemOut #VoteOutTheirStaffToo

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Voter Disenfranchisement in Chelsea? #WBAI interviews Marni and Chelsea Voter about voter’s 10-hour ordeal after simply asking for a complete ballot

Voter Disenfranchisement going on in Chelsea? Listen to WBAI evening news with reporter Paul DiRienzo, who interviews Vera, a senior and public housing resident in NYCHA, and myself, about her experience at the polls. I accompanied Vera, a friend, since she was having a difficult time voting this week in the Democratic Primary June 23rd.

It took Vera 10 hours and 3 visits to PS33 in Chelsea, accompanied by 3 friends, to vote. She was given an incomplete ballot, with a page missing which included the races for the congressional primary of Jerry Nadler vs Lindsey Boylan, and Brad Hoylman vs Elizabeth Glass. But when she pressed the poll workers why her ballot was incomplete, they told her that it WAS a complete ballot. She then left and came back and poll workers still gave her a difficult time to vote, until the poll supervisor got involved at 3pm. At 3pm, he then called the Board of Elections (very late in the day) even though he acknowledged to the NYCBOE person on the phone that missing ballots had been happening the entire day. (If missing ballots were happening earlier that morning, then why not rectify that immediately?)

Listen to this comedy of errors on #WBAI evening news, which begins at 22:45. Apparently, so many problems occurred the entire election day that it begs the question if this isn’t being done by design so incumbents stay in power. See below for the missing ballot page — a page that Vera had to wait 10 hours to get in order to vote. #votersuppression #voterdisenfranchisement #nycvotes #nycboe #missingballots #demprimary


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Marni Invited to Speak at #CancelRent Protest at City Hall outside to NYC Housing Court #NoEvictions #KeepHousingCourtClosed #FightFalseMyths

Thrilled to be invited to speak at the #CancelRent protest at NYC Housing Court, and a huge thank you to Lena Melendez of Northern Manhattan Is Not For Sale for inviting me. At this rally, protesters demand housing courts remained closed, to cancel rent and to say no to evictions. With millions unemployed, regular people through no fault of their own during a pandemic, are unable to pay rent. Why doesn’t Gov Cuomo care about renters, who the majority in NYC? I spoke about my own problems with paying rents due to losing my job in the pandemic, as well as my experiences as a community activist organizing public housing residents in Chelsea — fighting RAD, a privatization scheme to evict vulnerable POC.

“The average person has a very hard time wrapping their heads around sinister motivations by elected officials,” I explained to the crowd at the protest. “It comes in the form of meetings, smiles and a narrative of altruism, but it is meant to displace you so private developers can have your home. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes — which makes speaking out against false narratives even more important.”

Also got more coverage for the protest when Australian News Storyful asked if they could use my footage! https://www.news.com.au/national/protesters-gather-outside-manhattan-housing-court-for-cancel-rent-protest/video/41acf9b82f7a37c42770402b2ba9c56a

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CHANGE THE SYSTEM. #DefundTheNYPD #DemilitarizeTheNYPD #BlackLivesMatter #BLM #Justice4George #TransformThePolice

CHANGE THE SYSTEM: At the protest and march from City Hall to uptown yesterday. This reminds me of my Occupy Street Wall Street days in 2011 and I am so thrilled to see the young generation out in full force, demanding police reform and an end to racial injustice and the police brutality of black men and women.

Do you know what young people refuse ? The concept of “incrementalism,” baby steps that do nothing to solve the crisis — but I am hopeful: millions want real change, and they are not going to take no for an answer.

Here’s my take on things: that although Congress and elected officials are talking about different legislative police reforms, we must keep pushing to ensure these reforms take place. 

Dismantling and defunding the NYPD means primarily to defund and demilitarize the NYPD and put that money towards communities of color. This also means that the old model of policing, retributive and shooting to kill other human beings must transform so black lives are not being killed. This may mean a number of reforms, looking at show of force policies and a true push towards de-escalation and a community/public safety type of model — so violence is not used on it’s own citizens.

Also, public transparency for disciplinary records, as well as bringing in new leadership, enhanced diversity of officers, as well as weeding out corrupt police or police that are not open to these new changes. It also means getting rid of the qualified immunity doctrine, which will not allow police to be above the law.

Also, there should be a push towards congressional reforms on the federal level, and funding must be tied to local town, city and state law-enforcement agencies that adopt these reforms, since policies are usually made at the local level. And moreover, federal, state and city monitors for departments slow to change, with predominant amount of citizenry and activists on their boards — not the police, since police monitoring themselves would lead to a conflict of interest.

These reforms does not mean completely abolish the police, but again — to transform the department where the public safety is the priority. Police should not be called when the issue is mental health or homelessness, we need to create industry and community led groups with specific training and know-how to tackle these social problems. The police need to see citizens in their communities not as “the enemy,” but people who they serve and protect.

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Marni and #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Call on #MayorDeBlasio to #DefundTheNYPD. Refusing the doctrine of Incrementalism, I said to NBC New York: “The people want real change and they are not going to take ‘No’ for an answer.”

NBC NY Video: City Hall Protesters Call on Mayor DeBlasio to Defund The NYPD, NBC New York.

At the protest, NBC New York interviewed me and I said, “The people want real change and they are not going to take ‘No’ for an answer.” But even more so — I am so proud of this young generation refusing the doctrine of incrementalism. They want substantive change and real reform that transforms the NYPD into a public safety model — much like the Camden New Jersey police department that has substantially decreased excessive force complaints against police officers. The City of Minneapolis is also looking into this model of public safety, where social workers, substance abuse and mental health professionals are also employed to work with officers to diffuse situations, instead of escalation. This is the wave of the future. Below are photos of mothers of victims of police brutality that spoke out at the rally at City Hall, demanding justice and reform.

#georgefloyd #georgefloydprotests #nyc #incrementalism #mayordeblasio #deblasio #defundthenypd #defundthepolice #breonnataylor #thistimeitsdifferent #protests #protestnyc #nypd #communitypolicing #publicsafety #racialjustice

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#BlackLivesMatter Protests Hit Day 10 in NYC — What’s Been Accomplished? Short Interview with PIX11:

CHANGE IS UPON US: This is what I said to PIX11, see below at link at 1:29.

BlackLivesMatter Protests Hit Day 10 in NYC — What’s Been Accomplished?

Yesterday, 20,000 in the streets of New York City o support George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and all the other black lives lost to police brutality. PIX11 interviewed me after seeing my hot pink sign from the days of Occupy Wall Street Days 9 years ago: “Another World is Possible” and “Be The Architect of Social Change.”

What did I say to PIX11? That this movement against racist police brutality also needs to push for economic justice in regards to healthcare, housing, education and services –and that means protesting the recent austerity cuts by Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio. It also means protesting other elected officials in the City Council that don’t do more enough for people of color, but bend over backwards to give tax breaks to the wealthy, and take real estate and special interest money in order to get elected. But the public is aware, and it’s #notgoingtoflyanymore.

#georgefloyd #georgefloydprotests #blm #blacklivesmatter #breonnataylor #ows #occupywallstreet #austerity #cuomo #policebrutality #protests #protestsnyc #defundthenypd #votethemout #justice4floyd #PIX11

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#GeorgeFloydProtest at Union Square NYC, 10th Night of Straight Protests

Thrilled to participate in a rally and protest honoring George Floyd and all the other black men and women who came before him that were victims of police brutality. Great to see fellow 2017 candidate Akeem Browder. Today, I felt it was important to come out today to show support and solutions on how to address police violence — namely: #DeFundTheNYPD — which is not to abolish the police, but to reallocate $1 Billion dollars and put that towards communities of color.. In addition, there is a movement out there to usher in the #peoplesbudget, a budget that finds over $441 Billion dollars for healthcare, education, housing and social services. The People’s Budget from New York City activist group, Fight for NYCHA, would defund the NYPD by #2 Million dollars and re-allocate it to communities of color.

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#DEMANDJUSTICE for GEORGE FLOYD: Protest in #NYC. #defundthenypd #newparadigmofpolicing #georgefloyd #justiceforgeorgefloyd

DEMAND JUSTICE and A NEW PARADIGM OF POLICING! At a peaceful protest at Union Square in NYC, thousands of New Yorkers demanded justice for George Floyd — which led into other demands against austerity cuts for people of color as well as all races of the 99%. No budget cuts to education, youth programs, medicaid, public housing, social services — while the funding for NYPD never takes a hit. Why doesn’t Governor Cuomo EVER tax the wealthy or corporations, even though legislative proposals are ready to go in the state legislature? These are intentional racist decisions that do not allow POC to rise in society.

If nothing ever changes, why should we go along with the same process and system that leads us to business as usual — where Americans die because of the color of their skin? Respectfully and peacefully, we are not.
#georgefloyd #georgefloydprotest #georgefloydprotestsnyc #blacklivesmatter #blm #defundthenypd #taxtherich #thepeoplesbudget #policebrutality #racistpolice #mlk

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NYCHA WOMEN WARRIORS taking on Covid19!

100783855_1881361795330316_4500382147109978112_nNYCHA Women Warriors Taking on Covid19! A huge THANK YOU to La Keesha and Saundrea from Holmes-Isaacs Coalition — heavy hitting NYCHA women warrior activists that have been so helpful to me throughout my advocacy for public housing. It’s really been an honor.

 La Keesha also has given me masks for residents in my district and we are so grateful ! At Fulton Houses in Chelsea, tenants have complained to me that they only receive two mask per household, when many need more than two for other family members living in the apartments.The masks La Keesha has given me have definitely fulfilled a need.  Kudos to their great work today at the Stanley Isaacs Community Center — it was a wonderful energy to be around and those uptown tenants were thrilled.

Often it’s those little things in life that truly matter — in this case, where a group of concerned citizens get together and organize to take care of others. It’s amazing how such a giving act of kindness can transform a development. Bravo HIC !
#nycha #nychaalerts #holmesisaacscoalition #masks4Nycha #masks #pandemic #covid19 #coronavirus #actofkindness

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