As a true progressive Democrat, Marni does not take contributions from corporations or corporate sponsored PACs*.  She depends on the generosity and support of those individuals who share (1) real progressive values of economic, environmental and racial justice, (2) the principle that all human beings are entitled to a dignified life of quality housing, healthcare, education and profession, (3) the equal opportunity for social mobility, (4) the ability to achieve true fulfillment and become who we are destined to be, and (4) a vision for a just, democratic, nonviolent and sustainable society.


Marni for City Council Contribution Policies:

“State law prohibits making a contribution in someone else’s name, reimbursing someone for a contribution made in your name, being reimbursed for a contribution made in your name, or claiming to have made a contribution when a loan is made.”

Our campaign is registered with the New York City Campaign Finance Board, and must comply with their rules.

  • The contribution limit to our campaign for individuals is a cumulative amount of $250.
  • If you are a principal, owner, or senior manager of an entity that does business with the City of New York, your contribution limit is $250.
  • Contributions from corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), limited liability partnerships (LLPs), and partnerships are prohibited. If we receive a contribution from any of these entities, we must immediately return it to the contributor.
  • We may accept contributions from individuals if they are U.S. citizens or permanent residents.
  • We may accept cash contributions, but only up to $100 from any single contributor during the election cycle.
  • We may also accept money order contributions up to the contribution limit.
  • Contributions from corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), limited liability partnerships (LLPs), and partnerships are prohibited.
  • Anonymous contributions are prohibited. If we receive an anonymous contribution, State law requires us to pay that amount to the state comptroller for deposit in the general state treasury.

The best way for us to receive and document contributions is by check. Make sure your check:

  • is made payable to “Marni for City Council”
  • has the date and amount of the contribution written clearly.
  • has your name and address pre-printed (no starter checks unless they are accompanied by a fully completed contribution card).
  • is signed by the contributor.

Mail your completed contribution form and check or money order made payable to “Marni for City Council” to:

Marni for City Council
c/0 Carl Lundgren
2267 Haviland Ave. #1i
Bronx NY 10462

Click here to download and print contribution form

*”Marni reject corporate contributions because she doesn’t believe corporations deserve the same political rights as “natural persons” (real human beings). Corporations have too much influence over the political system because they’ve been given “personhood” status by certain Supreme Court decisions, most recently Citizens United in 2010. It would be hypocritical for the her to accept checks from corporate PACs while opposing the right of corporate PACs to write checks for parties and candidates. The fact that there are some well-behaved corporations and that not all corporate contributions are corrupting is besides the point.”