Marni for City Council on pg 2 of Metro NY for: REAWAKENING OCCUPY ON IT’S 6TH ANNIVERSARY

21616405_10154954907886623_7189234640998194103_n-1.jpg We make page 2 of Metro New York for Occupy Wall Street’s 6th Anniversary! ‘King Trump’ and ‘REBNY: Evil Real Estate’ (corporate monied predator gobbling up small businesses in New York City). These are two entities that definitely need to be stopped, regulated and contained in a serious way. (So happy for such an acknowledgement — need I say Metro NY is the most widely distributed newspaper in NYC!)
And please SIGN MY PETITION TO SAVE SMALL BUSINESS/MOM & POP STORES in our neighborhoods here, the inspiration for this costume!

Marni for City Council Invited to March in the American Muslim Parade 2017!

UNITED AMERICAN MUSLIM DAY PARADE NYC 2017! We Are All Muslim ! Marni for City Council marches with various NYC Muslim organizations today to combat the hateful rhetoric espoused by our president. Pew Research Polls show that Muslims want to integrate into and are productive members of our society. In this society, we will not tolerate bigotry and hate speech and we will emerge victorious ! To donate to this grassroots campaign: