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WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Then join MARNI in TAKING BACK OUR CITY! Any contribution of your time and skills would be so greatly appreciated. I would be honored to teach campaign volunteers what I know as an activist and candidate.

It’s a lot of legwork, but it’s rewarding — and interesting and exciting. What I have found is that the message on the right side of history, the one that truly improves people’s lives, takes on a LIFE OF ITS OWN.

We are looking for volunteers to make phone calls, distribute flyers, visit door-to-door and other campaign related tasks. We’ll also need volunteers on Election Day to serve as poll watchers and to distribute palm cards at polling sites. If you’d like to help with our campaign, fill out the form below.

I am also interested in the issues that you want to support in our district, so please let me know your thoughts as well. Thanks you for committing your time and energy to this people-powered campaign, and feel free to reach out to me anytime at, in addition to the form below.

I can help with the following:

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